Sunday, January 9, 2011

New House, New Room: Before

Hello there! This quick post is just a few photos of my new room. I haven't come close to finishing the set-up or organizing my closet, so this is just to show you guys what my new place looks like. I will do a room tour next weekend if I can, if not the week following it. It's fairly small and I can't paint it, so I'll have to deal with the yellow walls not matching anything in my room. And I present to you the BEFORE version of my new room, to be followed soon by an AFTER room and closet tour! =)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Movie: Thick as Thieves

Title: Thick as Thieves

Genre: Drama

Year Produced: 2010

Level of Education: College, Sophomore Year

Summary: A man's botched attempt to steal from the mob results in him taking a woman hostage with consequences he couldn't have anticipated.

Additional Notes: This video contains some swearing (use of the 'F' word, mostly) so if this offends you, please don't watch. I did some cinematography, was the boomer, and edited this time around.
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