Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good News!

Hey everyone!

I know it has been a while, but I'm actively trying to make an attempt to get back into blogging. I've been spending some time working on a pen pal documentary blog called The Not Quite Dying Art (follow me here). I wanted to get back into the snail mail community so I've been working hard to get involved with sites that incorporate swapping letters and packages with crafting and other hobbies. =)

But that's not the only good news! I was asked to table at a gaming convention! I will be selling my goods at the upcoming September convention, Queen City Conquest!

If you've been watching my Etsy mini along the left sidebar, you'll notice my inventory has changed to include some geekery! Dice pendants, bottle cap necklaces, and soon I'll be adding complimentary pin-back buttons to match the bottle cap necklaces.

However, to add even more excitement, I now have a facebook page, found here!

I am also working on new Valentine's Day gifts. I know, I know, it's only August. What the heck am I doing planning this far in advance for a holiday not due until next year?

I learned how to craft some things and they make for a much less expensive gift made from the same cute materials! So instead of charging something like $12 to $15 for a booklet that just looks pretty, I can lower the price by almost $10 for something small but functional (and still adorable)!
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