About Me

So my name is Alyssa, but you can call me Rae (my middle name) or Rain (my writing community nickname). Alyssa works just fine, though. I am 19 years young and a proud Virgo. My favorite color combination is turquoise and charcoal grey. I love music and fashion of the indie variety and have a soft spot for Lady Gaga.

I do arts and crafts and have my own Etsy shop where I sell jewelry and journals that I make, as well as kawaii stationery packages I've collected over the past few months. I love Hello Kitty. I am a writer of novels and a creator of films and videos.

I am studying film-making in college, where I will be a junior. I am a part of the campus gaming group. Did I mention I'm a huge geek? I am a huge geek. There, I said it. Give me Pokemon cards and I'll gladly add them to my collection. Can you guess who's the proud owner of a holographic Charizard? That would be me. =) I love Super Smash Bros. and Dominion, Arkham Horror and Settlers of Catan. Give me your Monty Python and the Holy Grail quotes and Zombie Fluxx creepers. Show me your Tetris tattoos.

Although I am into movies like a madwoman, I am not that great at photography. I love it dearly but as I possess a point-and-shoot camera and no skills on Photoshop, my options are limited to what fits inside my light box, and even then good professional looking photos are a stretch.

I love shooting on film, though. Don't get me wrong, video is great and cheap and all, but nothing feels as exciting as a beautifully messed up movie shot on film. You never know what the outcome will be, and you really have to plan out your shots. Plus the waiting for it to develop is so nerve-wrackingly awesome.

I don't like stereotypes, otherwise I'd label myself quite a few things. However, I adore hipster and indie fashion, and I can't help that I own a few mainstream pieces in my closet. Not gonna lie. =) I love fashion, but I don't possess incredible sewing skills, otherwise my wardrobe would be entirely hand-made by yours truly.

As for why I created this blog, it's to give a little exposure to some cool stuff I find and create. If you have any questions you'd like to have answered, post them in a comment and I'll be glad to answer them here. Check back for updates! Thanks for reading. =)
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