Thursday, December 30, 2010

JC Penney, ModCloth, TJ Maxx & Target Haul

Hello everyone! I just returned from some afternoon shopping with my dad. I initially went out to buy hangers because I needed them and ended up purchasing some clothes as well. The ModCloth purchase was for Christmas and I didn't want to post just one thing. The TJ Maxx purchase is from a few weeks ago but I had to have the dress altered so it fit me before I took pictures of it. It was 8 or so inches too large and I loved the dress too much to pass it up. So since we're on the topic of TJ Maxx, let's start with it. Here is the beautiful dress I bought:

Here is a close-up of the pattern:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Warning: My Room is a MESS

So I can't say that I'm an entirely neat and organized person. As much as I try to be, buying organizational items and neatening things up via uniformity, it seems I simply cannot be perfectly neat. Now, what I'm about to show you is my room the messiest it has ever been. I have clothes on hangers, jeans folded in a pile, bookshelves and bagged bedding thrown haphazardly around, hampers of clean pajamas on the ledge of my bed frame, and speaking of beds....mine isn't made. This is all because I've been  searching through all my belongings to find the most important items to take with me when I move out next month. I have a good portion packed, but that left behind the mess that is as follows:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Movie: 30 Things in My Room: Geek Edition

I've been obsessed the last few days with watching these "# Things in My Room" videos on YouTube, and decided to make one of my own (Geek edition, of course). So watch it and let me know what you think. I was thinking I might make more videos if I got enough responses and likes from you guys. The video is roughly a minute and a half long, so you'll speed right through it! The following is a list of the things shown in the video:

1. Blue Sparkly Knit Hat
2. Mario Boo Collectible Toy
3. Bolex 16mm Film Camera
4. Pokemon Trading Cards
5. Silver Bangle
6. Handmade Stuffed Rat Plushie
7. Dragon Hourglass
8. Chest of Secrets
9. Hello Kitty Calendar
10. Blue Dreamcatcher
11. Crocheted Mario Mushroom
12. Stamp Print I Carved
13. Vase
14. Kirby Plushie
15. Ocarina
16. Rainbow Knitted Hat
17. Hand Photograph
18. Painting I Did
19. Mario Bros. Bracelet
20. Sweet-Smelling Dried Flowers
21. Fahrenheit 451
22. Tripod
23. Baby Picture
24. CD Collection
25. Knitted Ludo Hat
26. Angel Figurine
27. 35mm Photography Camera
28. Troll Plushie
29. Penguin Plushie
30. Director's Clapboard

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In Your Purse: Must Haves!

Hey everyone! So today I decided I would talk about things I think are essential to have in your purse. Let's face it, we all have a ton of crap in our purses we don't need (mine happens to be full of pointless Hello Kitty stuff I really like). So here is a short list of some things I believe everyone should carry in their purse.

  1. Wallet. All the important stuff is inside: IDs, debit/credit cards, cash, checks, gift cards, business cards, and frequent buyer cards. 
  2. Cell phone. In case of an emergency, your wallet may not always be enough. Props to Verizon for having the best coverage.
  3. Nail file. This may not seem essential to some of you but if you're like me, your nails are long and they sometimes break when they get used too much. See "works at a computer all the time".
  4. A book. Because you never know when you'll need to chuck it at somebody pass the time. Alternatively, if you aren't the reading type but you are the listening type, an iPod or Zune with audio books. Or...just plain music.
  5. Keys. To your car, your house, to Candy Mountain. Don't want to get locked out of there...
  6. A pen and scrap piece of paper. For car accidents, evil scheming, or giving your number to cute guys or girls.
And that covers it. Not too shabby, eh? For some people this may not cover it, but planners and other items aren't always essential to everyone. Oh, and don't forget a bi-fold compact mirror for when you need to go into super secret spy mode and peek around corners. 
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