Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In Your Purse: Must Haves!

Hey everyone! So today I decided I would talk about things I think are essential to have in your purse. Let's face it, we all have a ton of crap in our purses we don't need (mine happens to be full of pointless Hello Kitty stuff I really like). So here is a short list of some things I believe everyone should carry in their purse.

  1. Wallet. All the important stuff is inside: IDs, debit/credit cards, cash, checks, gift cards, business cards, and frequent buyer cards. 
  2. Cell phone. In case of an emergency, your wallet may not always be enough. Props to Verizon for having the best coverage.
  3. Nail file. This may not seem essential to some of you but if you're like me, your nails are long and they sometimes break when they get used too much. See "works at a computer all the time".
  4. A book. Because you never know when you'll need to chuck it at somebody pass the time. Alternatively, if you aren't the reading type but you are the listening type, an iPod or Zune with audio books. Or...just plain music.
  5. Keys. To your car, your house, to Candy Mountain. Don't want to get locked out of there...
  6. A pen and scrap piece of paper. For car accidents, evil scheming, or giving your number to cute guys or girls.
And that covers it. Not too shabby, eh? For some people this may not cover it, but planners and other items aren't always essential to everyone. Oh, and don't forget a bi-fold compact mirror for when you need to go into super secret spy mode and peek around corners. 


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