Sunday, November 14, 2010

Burlington Coat Factory Haul

Okay, so here is the late update of the Burlington Coat Factory purchases I made the other day. Let us begin with the shoes I bought. They are black suede and are wedges, which I adore. I'll have to buy some suede waterproofing spray so I can wear them this winter. They're simply adorable and were only $22.99!

Next is the great grey coat I bought for $39.99. It zips up the side rather than the center and has a cute button on the inside. It also has a hood, which I love, and I'll be wearing it until it starts to snow here.

Then comes the shirt I wore on a date the other night, for $12.99. It has dark purple and black stripes with gold studs along the collar, and an off-the-shoulder sleeve with a strap to go on the shoulder. It's so comfortable! The sides cinch up to shorten it into a shirt or lengthen it into a dress. As I'm a mostly modest person, I'll only wear it as a shirt because I don't like ridiculously short dresses, skirts, or shorts.

Finally comes the purse! Which I am IN LOVE with! I found it on sale for $39.99 from something like $98.99. What a steal!! It has a black giraffe print in faux leather and velvet exterior, and a purple zebra print interior. It has some cute hearts in metal and plastic dangling as a keychain off one of the hardware rings, and has an abundance of pockets. It fits everything but my laptop, which is perfect for the days where I don't want to lug my laptop around, but also don't want to carry a huge purse.

I didn't get these Hello Kitty Bubblegum Scented Cleansing Handwipes from Burlington. I got them from Target, but they were too good to pass up putting in this post since you can see them in my purse. And I love Hello Kitty, sooo...yeah. Isn't she so cute?

Perhaps this calls for another "What's In My Purse?" post, as it's going to be Hello Kitty-fied?


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