Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Warning: My Room is a MESS

So I can't say that I'm an entirely neat and organized person. As much as I try to be, buying organizational items and neatening things up via uniformity, it seems I simply cannot be perfectly neat. Now, what I'm about to show you is my room the messiest it has ever been. I have clothes on hangers, jeans folded in a pile, bookshelves and bagged bedding thrown haphazardly around, hampers of clean pajamas on the ledge of my bed frame, and speaking of beds....mine isn't made. This is all because I've been  searching through all my belongings to find the most important items to take with me when I move out next month. I have a good portion packed, but that left behind the mess that is as follows:

Yikes! I know, I know, that is one mess that needs to get cleaned up ASAP. Which I'm working on after I finish this update. For my new home I'll be using the following, a hanging closet organizer for my jeans and putting my clothes on hangers and keeping them in the closet.

Then I'll be building the following 9-cubby cubeical (in black) and filling it with books, my jewelry, and four black fabric drawers that will likely store my socks and the like since I won't be bringing a dresser with me. Though I do have some cute green and pink polka dotted bins....

Here are the boxes I have packed so far. You have no idea how hard it is not to just grab everything I own and pack it up. Of course, having a 5 box limit on items is a nice reality check. Then I'll just pack my clothes, hangers, and toiletries in a big bin and be good to go! The boxes contain some stuffed animals, fragiles like picture frames, glass candles, glass jars, and my favorite porcelain doll, my geekery such as my Mario Boo doll and manga, my books and a fashion magazine (I plan to own more in the future), and some silver metal mesh wire bins for storage.

And then because I am so excited to have finished it, a Hello Kitty/Zebra print reversible hobo bag! I bought the pattern and fabric with some of the gift cards I got for Christmas for JoAnn's Etc. Did you guys know they're being bought by a new owner? I just found out via Wall Street Journal. How depressing! It likely means the prices will go up and I'll have to go to the Hobby Lobby out in the middle of nowhere. Or start buying fabric at WalMart. Eek...Let's hope they have Hello Kitty and Super Mario fabric....

And that's all, folks!


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