Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Expected Introduction

Hello all! If you’re reading this, I’d like to give you a massive cyber hug because your support makes my day. Possibly my week. We’ll see. Anyway, on to a brief description of this blog so you know whether or not you’re wasting your time. I’ve provided what I will cover in list format because paragraphs can be so tedious. Sigh. The list:

  • movies, including my own productions and reviews of those out in theaters
  • fashion, including DIY tips, my own outfits, and trends/items I like
  • crafts, from tutorials to things I’d love to learn how to do
  • cooking and baking recipes, because I love to share
  • the occasional weight loss update, including health tidbits, fun exercises, and my goals
  • organizational tips, catered to deal with the messy person in each of us
  • alerts for sales at my online store

Fin! I’ve decided it would be more fun to take requests from people, so if you have a question or suggestion for a tutorial, post, recipe, etc., etc. do feel free to leave a comment or ask me. I’ll see what I can scrounge up. In the meantime, I’ll put it out there that if you follow me, I will return the favor. =) Now, this post has served its purpose and thus will conclude in 3…2…


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