Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Is Indie?

Let me start by saying I’m not trying to offend anyone who believes themselves to be indie. I know what the original indie style is and what it stands for. I find it amusing to Google “indie fashion” and see the trendicized version of indie versus the serious indies who are truly about steering clear of the mainstream. To me, there is nothing wrong with either version. This being said, I have some pictures I’d like to share of a few fashions I find quite attractive.

Let us begin with the following:

I’m a sucker for plaid, especially plaid in odd colors. Put it on a dress, a bag, shoes, whatever, I adore it! I love the ease and casualness of this outfit. I know tights are a big trend, but if I recall correctly this young lady is wearing stockings. Gasp! Who else can remember the last time they wore stockings? I haven’t since I was something like 8 (I’m 18 now).

Aside from plaid, I’m a sucker for belts, only my preference is not to wear the belt around the waist, but right beneath the bust. I mainly wear belts like that because I’m so short, and it makes me look like I’ve chopped myself in half if I wear a belt around my waist. I’m also simply not thin enough to pull it off, but no matter because I really like wearing belts beneath my bust. =) It’s really cute.

Another thing I like about this outfit is how it can flatter any body type or size. Outfits like this exist in my Closet of Wanting, where I store all the items I will one day hope to possess.

On a side note, I’d love to hear what exists in your Closets of Wanting. =)

And please, please don’t get me started on the big thick-rimmed glasses that have become popular among the trendicized hipster and indie crowds. I love them more than any normal person should, trendy or not. Their totally vintage feel knocks my socks off.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it matters if you wear open-toed shoes with stockings. So what if the stocking peeks out? If I’m going to spend something like $12 on a pair of stockings, I’m going to wear them how I want, thank you very much. With that in mind, I’m not super crazy about the tights/stockings with short shorts trend, but it works well with some outfits, such as the one you see above. The suspenders are an adorable addition and paired with that blazer, this outfit is perfectly precious.

Did I mention how much I like the model’s hair? Guess not. I love natural looking models, mainly because I have brown eyes and brown hair myself and I think brunettes can be as sexy as blonds. But that’s a post saved for another time.

Now onto what I feel is another version of the indie style:

This skirt can be found and purchased here on Etsy.

This was made from salvaged materials and I think that’s really important in fashion. It’s one thing to look good, but if I can recycle something and make it look good, too, it becomes a truly worthy investment. Besides, there’s nothing better than getting a compliment on something you made. Talk about real independence! I believe a person can be considered indie if they make their own clothes, even if they’re made to look like the ones that are trendy.

And lastly, I saw this skirt on Etsy as well and had to put it up here. I adore things made from ties. I’ll probably put up a tutorial at some point just for this skirt, or perhaps a bag? Hm, we shall see! I love the multiple ways you can mix and match patterns and colors. Just darling! Plus the horizontal “stripes” are quite flattering. But that’s enough on indie style for now. I realize I haven’t even touched on music or actual lifestyles…all in good time. =)

I’m curious to hear what your opinion is on the indie debate. Is indie becoming trendicized? What do you think qualifies someone as an indie soul?


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