Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Time Dormer: Wish List!

So this upcoming fall semester will be my first time dorming. I will be a sophomore, but due to the intensiveness of my chosen classes, my professors advised me to stay on campus to make working on projects and meeting with classmates an easier task. I
live about 30 minutes away from campus but I don't have my driver's license yet. I also work on campus, so on the days I don't have classes, coming to work will also be less difficult.
So as a first time dormer, I made a list of items I would like to take with me to the dorm, though realistically I'll only be buying storage items. It doesn't hurt to wish, though, does it? =)

This bedding comes from Target, and not only does it match the colors of my room at home, it has a design I love and a sense of comfort that will remind me of my home.

These hanging organizers for my dorm closet will be extremely helpful. I intended to bring my shoes in their original boxes, but if I have a shoe organizer I'll be able to take them out of the boxes, saving me time in the morning. The sweater organizer will be used for my jeans and hoodies, saving me drawer space for accessories, undergarments, belts, socks, and other essentials.

This laptop bag from JC Penney's is the perfect color scheme with a nifty design I adore. It has a good shape and size and the handle on the top will allow me to hang it up when it isn't in use. I wish I could say the same about my other bags...
Lastly, I'd like to have this to store all my extra stuff in. Medicine, first aid kit, smaller storage boxes with snacks, camera, laptop, screenwriting books, creative supplies, and any other essentials that I can't fit into my drawers.

What goodies are on your back to school wish lists? =)


  1. :O I was just thinking about making a post like this! Haha, but I still haven't finished my list =/ It's also my first time dorming, I'm a sophomore as well and am more nervous than eveer!

    Where are those hanging organizers from!? They're great and I love that they come in such cute colors!

    Also, that bedding is SUPER gorgeous. A lot of people have also told me to get super comfy bedding that'll remind of my own bed back home. :)

  2. @Valerie
    You should still make a wish list! How cool is it that we're both in the same situation? I wouldn't be nervous if I were you. Admittedly I'm very close to home, so I can go home when I get homesick, but it's an experience I've had before and it's wonderful, I promise. =)

    The organizers can be found everywhere from Target to JC Penney to Walmart. I think Target and JC Penney have the best selections, though Walmart has them trumped with a 3-in-1 kit, 2 organizers and a laundry basket for a good price.

    You may want to invest in a twin size cushion to stick over your mattress. I've heard the mattresses can be really uncomfortable. =(

  3. Thanks! I'll be checking those out (I already told my mom haha).

    But yees, definitely cool! I'm trying not to be nervous.. I've actually been kinda excited recently. It's funny I just went through this in freshman year but with the new college and all, agh! :P But yeah, I'm glad I actually know somebody else going through the same thing! :)

    Do you know who your roomy is yet?

  4. @Valerie
    I also found out they're selling some of these items at JoAnn's Etc. which is a craft store near where I live. I'll probably stick to Target, though.

    Yeah, I know! It's so nice to have someone else who's in the same situation. Makes me feel better =)

    I don't find out where I'm dorming or who my roomy is until the beginning to middle of August. It sucks but my school is all backed up and messed up. They'll probably ignore my request to dorm with my friend, because they book rooms by some silly system of singles first, and ignore the requests completely until the end, if there are rooms leftover. It's so stupid, but hopefully my friend and I will get to room together. How about you? Have you gotten any information? Gone shopping yet?


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