Saturday, July 17, 2010

What Makes Me Happy

So these past few days I've been miserable for reasons that don't belong on this blog. To cheer myself up and any of you guys who may be feeling down as well, I decided I'd post a bunch of things that make me happy. So let's begin with the following:

pen pal Pictures, Images and Photos

Getting letters! I have a few snail mail pen pals I LOVE hearing from. They send the coolest envelopes and we make the oddest letters. One time my Arizona pen pal wrote me a letter on cut up papers she put together to form a single page. Awesome! I always make little gifts for my pen pals, too. One day I'll write an entire letter in a mini notebook charm and send it to someone.

Blackberries Pictures, Images and Photos

Blackberries! They're delicious, nutritious, and their juices make great dyes. I can't wait for next summer so I can start growing some of my own.
Kawaii Cloud Pictures, Images and Photos
kawaii cloud Pictures, Images and Photos
Sparkly-eyed kawaii drawings! They're so cute I smile every time. I really like the pens, pencils, and notebooks that incorporate this style. Plus, smiley face cupcake drawings make me less inclined to eat dessert.
mario cupcakes Pictures, Images and Photos

Mario-themed cupcakes! They appeal to my inner geek, which you guys haven't even seen the surface of. I am quite fashionably deceptive.
tree sketch 4 Pictures, Images and Photos
Abstract sketches of trees! I love trees and anything remotely tree-like, so this is something I'd buy in a heartbeat. I plan to someday make a fimo clay tree jewelry organizer.
esmaltes Pictures, Images and Photos

Colorful nail polish! Bright colors like these make me want to pull out my bright nail polish and have a home spa day. I have a coupon from Groupon for a $20 mani-pedi combination from a local salon. You bet I'm going to use it sometime!
Craft Room Pictures, Images and Photoscraft room 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

Craft rooms! Especially the funky looking ones. One day I'll give you guys a tour of my craft room. =) It's not nearly as awesome as some of the really neat and organized craft rooms, but it's still pretty nifty.

Curse you Pictures, Images and Photos

LOL Catz! They still make me crack up every time. And then they became a YouTube movie sensation? Seriousl, LOL catz, the movie? "I can haz cheezburger, I can haz ur soul" was so funny!

Upset Tummy Monster Pictures, Images and Photos

Stuffed monsters! They're adorable and people can be so creative when making these. I plan to start making these myself. They're a secret (well, not so secret anymore...) obsession of mine.
16mm Pictures, Images and Photos
16mm Bolex film cameras! I especially adore mine, which I've named Herkemer. "All Torn Up" was shot on him. They run kind of pricey, but are such an incredible experience to work on.

Inspire Notebook Pictures, Images and Photos

Fun notebooks! I love art journals, too, but notebooks should look like works of art on a daily basis. Just sayin'.... They're a ton of fun to make. Hm, a future tutorial, perhaps?

Pokemon cards 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Pokemon! I still collect the trading cards and occasionally play with my boyfriend and his friends. Hey, don't judge! It's still a fun game, and yes, I've seen the first movie. Sigh.

origami stars Pictures, Images and Photos

Origami stars! I've made dozens of these before, and they make great ways to recycle magazines and decorative papers. They're a breeze to make, and they'll probably appear here in the future as a tutorial. So simple to make! Origami in general pretty much blows my mind.
Junk Bracelet Pictures, Images and Photos

Junk jewelry! I aim to make this kind of jewelry to sell because it's becoming popular, and I've worn stuff like it for years. I have tons of extra jewelry I won't or can't wear lying around. Someday it will become fun and interesting junk jewelry. Expect a tutorial for this!
Message Pictures, Images and Photos

Messages in bottles! I honestly can't say I've ever found one, but I plan to do a whole series of messages in bottles. I want to make some nice notes, add some crafty creations, and send them out along the coast, in lakes and rivers, wherever. They'll be filled with happy things.
So now I want to hear from you guys! What things make you happy?


  1. Great list of really unusual and cool things - I gotta say, I love getting letters too, miss the days when I had penpals as a kid!
    Wow - those craft-room pics are amazing - one day!! But seriously, who could keep them that neat?!! ;)

  2. @starbrightgirl
    Thank you! I'm very lucky to have pen pals now who I stay in touch with regularly. And like I mentioned, my craft room looks nothing like the ones I posted but some day I'll post pics of mine. I painted this pretty magenta tree on the wall, which is this nice blue that makes the tree pop. Keeping it neat is definitely the hard part! =)

  3. I am VERY jealous of the craft room.. I'm obsessed with ribbon and cool wallpapers and I love to paint and adding textures of other materials to my paintings is something I try to do, Kind of like mixing the cartoon with real life stuff edits I have on my blog...but in paint :)

    The pillow is SO CUTE/COOL and I love love love the Mario Cupcakes! They almost look too cool to eat... almost :)

  4. @KiahMahala
    I know! It amazes me how people can have such nice, neat rooms. I always wanted to learn how to paint. I have one painting I've done and it's awful. I did it in acrylics, which I really like, but I can't paint backgrounds...

    Yes, almost too good to eat! =)

  5. OMG! I swear I was smiling while reading your entire list. Two things that I particularly enjoyed: Snail Mail/Pen Pals & POKEMON! I'm suuuch a Pokemon geek, most people can't believe it when I first tell them. Haha, but I still carry my old gameboy in my purse with Pokemon Blue or Crystal inside of it, haha. Btw, I think it's SUPER awesome that you have Pen Pals! Like I'm so jealous! I used to have pen pals as a kid and they were awesome.

  6. @Valerie
    Isn't it such a surprise that there are people who like Pokemon so much still? I have the original GameBoy locked in my treasure chest in my room. It's massive! Haha! Yes, i love my pen pals! It's so much fun knowing I'll get a letter sometime, but not knowing when. Plus it's physical so I can keep it in a shoebox with my other letters. =)


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