Friday, July 2, 2010


I suppose you could say some people are really into perfume. Everyone has their own obsession, and some happen to like the scents of dozens of bottles or like to smell different every day, every week, etc. I went to high school with a girl who collected perfumes, and to this day I have no idea how she afforded some of the bottles in her collection.

So this post will cover perfumes I own and then I’ll open up and ask you guys to share your favorite perfume(s). =)

Refuge is sold by Charlotte Russe for eleven dollars a bottle. This particular perfume is my most recent fragrance purchase. I love how it has a nice balance of exotic fruits and flowers, warm sandalwood, and sharp musk. It’s quite potent at first, like most perfumes, and over the course of several hours it settles into your skin and clothes where it will stay until washing. Charlotte Russe sprays this on all their clothing, which is what made me want to buy it in the first place. And in all seriousness, eleven dollars for a bottle of this stuff is a steal. It should really cost a lot more given how unique the scent is.

Happy by Clinique is a hypoallergenic product which, when I first began wearing perfume, was a blessing. My mother wore this French perfume (the name escapes me) and the first time I tried it on, my skin broke out in little bumps and turned tomato red. Not to mention it smelled awful the moment it came into contact with my skin. I received my Happy kit as a Christmas present from a friend and my mother warned me that she had allergic reactions to the ingredient Clinique used to make their products hypoallergenic. She said I might have another reaction, but luckily this perfume didn’t do anything but make me smell like soothing flowers and citrus.

The first real perfume I ever bought was Fantasy by Britney Spears. I was in New York City for a class trip and we went to this street full of Asian vendors selling everything from jewelry to clothing for severely discounted prices. I spotted the box Fantasy came in and wanted to smell it. It smelled like candy mixed with trees, this heavenly scent I just had to have. I bargained until I got the price down from $75 to $20, though in reality the actual selling price on the site is $55 for the 3.3 ounce bottle.

I planned to show a final body spray, the first I ever purchased and from Hot Topic, but they don’t sell it anymore. I think it was called Deadly Night Shade. It was purple and smelled like cotton candy and had this nifty purple fairy on the bottle. =) I adored it.

But now it’s your turn. What perfume(s) do you wear and/or like?


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