Saturday, August 14, 2010

Amvets Discoveries!

So I embarked on an adventure to Amvets with my dad in search of display items for my upcoming craft shows. I made out quite well, finding not only a bunch of display items, but a ton of new crafting supplies! I found plastic canvas, a bag of new embroidery hoops, and a bag of multi-colored yarn skeins. Those will be put away into their respective homes. I discovered this amazing fabric, too! I'll hopefully have enough to use it as a tablecloth before I find something else to do with it.

Now, as for the items I’ve found for display purposes… I discovered this AWESOME chili pepper shaped bowl with individual carved sections which will be perfect for my smaller, differently priced, mixed creations. I plan to put a tag in front of each bowl and label the tag with the price. 5 bucks, for the win!

The items I plan to put into the bowl include stretch bead bracelets, button bracelets, button rings, and beaded wire bracelets. Don't these look cute?

The next item I found was this shifting lattice stand, which I’ll use to hang (hopefully) necklaces. I’ll have to find a way to get it to stand straight, but if that doesn’t work, it will be an interesting decorative piece I could use to get some height in my display. Or to hang scarves from.

After that comes these two picture frames, in which I’ll put a sign that says, “Welcome to Jar of Dreams!” and, “Sales tax is included in ALL prices.” I’ll design something quick in GIMP and print some pretty color copies at work. I also found a cheap clipboard which I'll use to create a mailing list.

Lastly I purchased some records to turn into record bowls. I didn’t take photographs before I made them into bowls, so here are the final products.

Neat, huh? Be sure to check out the tutorial to make them here. Have you guys gone to a thrift store recently? What sorts of neat things have you found?

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