Monday, August 16, 2010

What's In My Bag?

Hi all! I hope you're doing well. So I've been meaning to do a "What's In Your Bag?" post for a while now, but never get around to doing it. My camera battery is seconds from death and I can't find the charger for the life of me. So here are some poor pictures of what is, in fact, inside my purse. Enjoy!

The purse! Bought from TJ Maxx for 25 dollars, waterproof, magenta and black, and my keys on one of the loops which include my Tops bonus card which I've yet to toss, a house key, and my rape whistle. Hey, you can never be too careful.
Inside my bag you can see the plaid pattern.

Going in rainbow order, I present to you the reds. My lint brush, courtesy of my mother, my Super Mario Bros. Bob-Omb crocheted pencil case with pens, pencils, lip balm, cinnamon mints, idea notebook, hair clip, jump drive, and business cards for my Etsy shop.

Next up, my electronics case. This pouch was purchased for a dollar at a garage sale and holds my cell phone wire, camera wire, camera, headphones, and iPod.

Green is up next! The houndstooth notebook is my big idea journal. The case to the right has a nail file, glasses cleaner, and make-up, which includes Shiseido Natural Fair Beige foundation, Lancome blush, Ulta Pearl Eyeshadow, Buxom Bare Escentuals mascara, Urban Decay black eyeliner, Hot Topic Glitter Purple eyeliner, N.Y.C. coverstick, Pixi jewel tone eyeshadow kit, and Loreal mascara. Did I mention that I almost never wear make-up, so it's kind of silly to carry it around with me? Probably not. I really dislike make-up. True story.

My laptop and cell phone come next. The laptop is a Macbook Pro, 15 inch. I need it for my film classes because it's the only platform that Final Cut Pro works on.

Next up, my snack pouch and wallet. Inside my snack pouch I carry granola bars, Japanese candies like gum and hard candy, Cookies 'n' Cream hard candy, Jolly Ranchers, and bottled water. Inside my wallet are receipts, business cards, my Learner's Permit, debit card, student ID, bus pass, and Rite Aid Wellness card.

Last but not least, my zebra print umbrella, courtesy of WalMart, and my actual planner, which I bought because the inside is neon blue and hot pink. =)

What's inside your bag?


  1. I'm going to steal your umbrella, no joke.

    I love how I always find new things to put into my bag when I look at what other people put in theirs. I'm definitely going to look into putting a snack pouch in mine now :) haha.


  2. @Valerie
    LOL You can get it for 10 bucks at WalMart! =)

    The snack pouch definitely comes in handy!


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