Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For the Win

Great news! I heard back from both craft show managers and I've been accepted into both shows! The first and more expensive of the two has an easier payment system. They gave me paperwork to fill out and asked for a check order, which I can definitely pay.

The second, however, expects me to use PayPal, which I have to use for Etsy but apparently never activated the account for. Plus, I don't have a credit card and my bank account is too depleted to pay the fee and also have enough to keep the account open, so I'll have to stop at the bank and deposit some money, or pay my dad cash and just put his credit card on file instead.

Am I the only person on the planet who likes having cash more than having a card? I find myself spending so much more with a card. With cash, I know I have exactly what I have, and that's it, so I spend it more wisely.

But anyways, I'll be able to pay for the first show, no problem. I'll send in their money order sometime this week or the beginning of next week. I believe their show is also October 9th, which is the closer of the two shows. The second show is October 23rd, and assuming I can figure this PayPal stuff out, I'll have two shows to attend! =)

I'm SO excited!!! And now I have to ask you guys again, same questions from the previous post. Does anyone have any display arrangement ideas? Like should I put place cards with the name of the item I'm selling in groups?

I was thinking I'd have a deal of some sort, like if a person spends more than 25 or 30 dollars, they'll get to pick a pair of earrings or a bracelet for free. And I was hoping I'd be able to stick a business card, a "Buy Handmade" pin, a hand-written Thank You card, and a piece of candy or cookie into little recycled PVC boxes to give out with each purchase. Does that sound like a good idea?

Wish me luck! More details to come! =)


  1. So I just caught up with your blog and I'm so excited for you! My old high school used to do something like this before, for the kids who made and sold their own crafts. We got to rent out a table and sell our creations. I only got the courage to do so one of the years, haha. I used to make hair bowns and it was a year where all girls wanted one. It was great. :P

    I think the place cards are a good idea. And the items you bought for your table (on the other post) are great! The deal and the box idea are amazing, I know I'd super appreciate (and be sure to buy from again) someone who took the time to thank me for my purchase. I think maybe make a separate pile of the items that would be potential free items if they purchased $25-30 worth of things. That way you could like easily say "Oh, by the way, you can choose one of any of these for free with your $25+ purchase!"

    :) Keep us updated on this!

    BTW. I always stay on your blog forever listening to your playlist! Haha.


  2. @Valerie
    I was thinking I might go back to my old high school and propose they start doing this. I have no experience with craft shows, I've never even been to one, but I think it could be beneficial to the school.

    That's a great idea! I was thinking I'd just point out to each person that came, "Hey, spend more than X dollars and you get this for free!" But a sign or something could work, too!

    I'll keep you posted!

    Oh really? Haha! I'm glad! I love the songs I picked, they're my current obsessions. I'm so happy you enjoy the music!


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