Thursday, August 12, 2010

Easy to Make Stretch Bracelets

So in my frantic search of easy, inexpensive items to make to sell at the craft shows I’m in, I discovered the wonderful invention known as elastic. Elastic string, elastic bands, elastic straps, you name it. So I bought a roll of elastic string and some elastic band and dug through all my beads and buttons and crimps until I discovered the perfect, simple craft that is easy to make an inexpensive. Thus, this tutorial was born!


Elastic String

Colorful Beads or buttons


2 Crimps with Loop on One End

Needle-nose pliers or some other kind of pliers

(Optional) Jump Ring


Take one end of your elastic and secure it into a crimp using the needle-nose pliers. Attach the jump ring to the loop.

Take the elastic and wrap it once around your wrist. Cut the elastic where the crimp meets the string.

Begin stringing your beads or buttons along the elastic until you have about half an inch remaining on the end.

Take your second crimp and secure the end of the elastic into it using the needle-nose pliers. Attach the jump ring to the other loop.

Fin! You now have a cute stretchy bracelet.

See how easy that was?


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