Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dorm and School Supplies Shopping

I've been so excited since I found out who my roommate is, and so overwhelmed by the conclusion of my summer class and planning my work schedule around babysitting and a bajillion other situations and events, that I had to figure out when to go shopping for dorm and school supplies. I found time today and went with my father to WalMart, Dollar Tree, JoAnn's, and Target, and I decided to share my purchases with you guys who may have yet to go buy supplies for classes and dorms. Please keep in mind that I have yet to see what my dorm will look like so I kept my purchases to a minimum, getting only what I felt were the essentials. So, let's get started!
I found a bunch of basic items --black and blue pens, mechanical pencils, subject insert dividers, dry-erase markers, paper clips, thumb tacks, butterfly clips, and highlighters-- which were mostly a dollar each.
Next, I bought a small sewing kit, pack of pretty purple Post-Its, and some mounting tabs for posters and whatnot to put on the walls.
I got this wonderful magnetic dry-erase board calendar with a corkboard bottom from JoAnn's. This will definitely come in handy what with my complicated schedule prone to change.
Then I bought a black shower caddy from Target with some Orchid scented deodorant (because you guys really needed to know about it...) and some of that new 3D Vivid White toothpaste, only 3 bucks for a medium tube at WalMart!
From the Dollar Tree came a bunch of these collapsable drawer inserts which matched the first set of bedding I found at Target, but ended up not getting. These have a cardboard bottom covered in fabric which folds with the rest of the insert, and it even has a little drawer pull/handle.
Finally, the bedding! Like I mentioned before, I had polka dotted bedding that matched the drawer inserts, but I found the above sheets and knew I needed a different comforter to match. Surprisingly, the polka dot bedding did match color-wise, but the sheet design clashed too much. No justification there, so the polka dot comforter went back to it's place and I searched for the following reversible comforter instead. The store didn't carry the blue flower comforter set that I initially wanted.
This is a photo of the purple/pink bedding, purple/blue/pink sheets, and the white thing in the middle which is my quilted bed pad for extra comfort in case the beds on campus are uncomfortable. Only 10 bucks at Target! The comforter was 20 and the sheets were 13. What a steal!

My favorite item is the sheet set. The colors match those in my room at home so I can use it at home, and the pattern is so eye-catching and cute! Have you guys gone shopping yet? Let me know what your favorite item is that you bought. =)


  1. ohmygodd :D why is it that we get so excited about buying back to school stuff but half way through the year we're ready for summer?

    I got excited with this post. I can't waaait to go back to school shopping, all of my friends started their semester already so I've been to the store a couple of times with them, dying inside because I want stuff :P But my mom's not letting me get anything until we're there since packing my back to school stuff is totally inconvenient.

    Did you figure out how to divide the appliance purchases (microwave, mini fridge,etc)? I finally found out my roommate it non existent since I got a singlee.

    Ok i'm like babbling here, haha.

    & I LOVE your bedding!


  2. @Valerie
    I know! A month from now I'll be sick of classes and will want to go back to vacation.

    Well it makes a little sense not to go buy school supplies until you move into the dorm. Less stuff to carry with you. I plan to go back home during Thanksgiving break to get winter clothes and exchange them for my summer clothes.

    I'm getting my own mini fridge and a fan, but I'll just use my laptop instead of a television. Oh, lucky!!

    No, you're not babbling, haha!

    Oh, thank you! I really wish they had they blue flower bedding, though.



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